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Have you been touched by his ghostly appendage?

Always look on the bright side of death ♪♥♫◦°°◦°°◦♫♥♪

Shinou Temple
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Shinou Heika
Our Lord | Thou infectious elf-skinned giglet! Bow before thy Lord and King, His Holiness Shinou Heika. Ah~ Look thou at his golden fleece which rests blazingly atop a noble brow! Thine eyes do not seek to match the jewels set in fairest ivory. Wherein art thou good, but to kneel and heed His Will? Dost thou protest thy chains of boredom so foul? Sell thy soul for thy salvation is nigh!
The Law | The Will of His Majesty the Shinou is ultimate. Thou shalt not flame. Thou shalt not troll. Thou shalt not abuse others. Thou shalt be courteous. Thou shalt be batshit and funny. Thou shalt remain on topic! Thou shalt not instigate, participate, or aggravate pairing wars. You will be b&&& should you break these Commandments!The Misc.

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angst, bantering, being a creeper, boredom, capslock, conrad weller, cosplay, cow tipping, cristolf wincott, daikenja, discussions, epic battles, erhard wincott, fanart, fanfiction, for the lulz, forbidden boxes, four thousand years, gay boots, god, gunter von christ, gwendal von voltaire, humans, kyou kara maou, lawrence weller, lions, looking fab, mazoku, molesting yuuri as wolfram, morgif, murata ken, original king, plotting, possession, pouting, red floofy cape, reincarnation, rufus bielefeld, sage, sapphire eyes, scheming, seducing, shinou, shinou temple, shoulder friend, shoulder pads of doom, siegbert voltaire, smug smiles, sneaking, soukoku fetish, soushu, t-zou baseball team, taking over the world, the great one, thrones, topped by rufus, ulrike, ultimate seme, virgin priestesses, water, weller arms, wolfram von bielefeld, yuuri shibuya