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Have you been touched by his ghostly appendage?
Always look on the bright side of death ♪♥♫◦°°◦°°◦♫♥♪
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TITLE: My Loathsome Dream
AUTHOR: tezuka_andria 
FANDOM: Kyou Kara Maou!
PAIRING: Shinou/Great Sage
PROMPT: 04 - Past Times
SUMMARY: Shinou dreamt of his childhood
WARNINGS: Unbeta-ed, Bad grammar. Mild spoilers in the Shin Makoku Yori Ai wo Komete novel.
NOTES: 1. I'm kind of new in writing so don't expect this got to be good, and English is not our native language, so please expect some wrong
                    grammar. I'm ready to accept any critiques and comments about the grammar and the story itself. Anyway, enjoy!
               2. Please take some time to read my fic, okay?
DISCLAIMER: I don't own Kyou Kara Maou! and its characters. Just borrowing them for my ideas.

"Don't associate yourself with Soukokus!" were my mother's dying words... )
6th-Aug-2008 01:19 am - Serious Talk (1/1)
Clem/Lady Gaga
 Title: Serious Talk
Author: Phlogistics
Rating: PG
Pairing: Shinou/Murata, implied Shinou/Daikenja
Genre: Romance/General
Summary: Murata and Shinou work up to having an actual conversation.

Link: http://phlogistics.livejournal.com/7371.html#cutid1
3rd-Aug-2008 09:45 am - Offerring fanfic
Because I crave for activity on this comm >_>;;

Title: Room Arrangements
meomnimi + starinnle
Rating: PG for a few kisses
Pairing: Shinou/Daikenja
Comment: prompt was "the first day they move into blood pledge castle, about room distribution". I don't think we followed it closely though. We'd love any comments on this piece, since neither of us have much experience with writing fanfics ^^;
Word Count: 1704

17th-Jul-2008 08:04 pm - Congratulations reikohimesama!

Title: Sweet Dreams
Summary: "You are my dreams... since then even now"
Pairing: Shinou x Daikenja, Shinou x Murata
Rating: PG

Please upload this banner on your own server, do not direct link ♥
I swear I'm going to post /meaingful/ and /deep/ discussions one day ♥
but for now...


✖ Scanned for my extra special delicious squidy waifus

teef_chan offers Conrad!Arm cake to the person
who successfully translates lizard_little's wet dream this!

x-posted to kyou_kara_maou
28th-Jun-2008 08:29 pm - Fic: Moments in an Eternity
peacock feather
Hello! *waves* Newbie here, and I come bearing fic. Written for Round 14 at the KK chalenge LJ:

Title: Moments in an Eternity
Pairings: Shinou/Daikenja, Shinou/Murata
Word Count: 5,403
Rating: R for a sex scene
Any Warnings: Spoilers for Shinou’s backstory, Murata’s backstory and the beginning of Season three
Prompt being used: Third person POV
Timeline: Pre-series and through the anime, as well.

Moments in an Eternity
11th-Jun-2008 01:08 pm - Tie breaker!
A tie-breaker is needed for this post! Anyone is welcome to jump in and lend me a hand 8];;
9th-Jun-2008 11:39 am - Challenge End
S H I N O U 'S F I R S T C H A L L E N G E
I s O v e r

Many thanks to those who participated ♥ Now the polls are open so please vote for your favorite challenge-piece!

Shinou's Second Challenge will be posted when the results are in. Due to fewer responses than anticipated, I've lengthened the span of each subsequent challenge to three weeks.

Let the voting commenceCollapse )

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